Test DPC APK for Android devices is a sample device policy controller which enables developers to monitor the behavior of applications in a managed context. It was initially designed as a device manager with the vast library and a lot of demo apps.

These device managers help the developers to explore the internal structure of the application installed on their devices. Test DPC APK provides an excellent platform for the developers to enhance their technical skills by taking a more in-depth look at the functioning of the android applications.

Test DPC App for Android devices can prove to be a great help for those are seeking more in-depth knowledge and want to grow in the field of android applications and software.

What is Test DPC APK?

Test Device Policy Controller, most commonly abbreviated as Test DPC is an exclusively designed app that helps EMMs (Enterprise Mobility Managers), ISVs (Independent Software Vendors), and OEMs (Original Equipment Managers) in testing their application and platform on various android devices for work managed profile.

Thus, Test DPC APK provides a utility to the developers that can comprehensively monitor an application’s behavior. Afterwards, monitoring helps the developers in reaching the little-unobserved program glitches which remain unnoticed and ultimately result in a bug within the application.

One can create a work profile and include all apps that he wants to test in Test DPC APK for Android devices which will ultimately help in understanding the problem areas which need to work upon to deliver an excellent app to the users.

App NameTest DPC APK
Operating SystemAndroid
Category Tools
File Size6 MB
Offer In-App PurchasesYes
Downloads So Far21 Million +

The initial versions of Test DPC APK had specific problems like bug fixes and update crashes. In the last few updates, all these problems have been rectified, and the app is much better in performance and real-time workspace.

Test DPC APK works on Android 5.0 (Android Lollipop) or higher which means that Android versions lower than KitKat will not be able to access Test DPC APK and any of its features. Furthermore, Android devices running on API level 26 have support to run Test DPC application.


The initial versions of Test DPC app for Android devices.

Download Test DPC APK For Android

Test DPC APK is a developer stage app is very easy to install and use. Just follow the steps and make sure you don’t miss out on any of them.

  1. From The Web Browser
  2. From Google Play Store

Method 1: From The Web Browser

Web browsers have made a vast fortune by just vending sites. It has acquired an upper hand in the field of marketing by making web stores. Almost all the applications are available on the sites of its manufacture or developer. Test DPC APK for Android devices is also available on web stores, and by following these simple steps, you can easily download it on your android device.

STEP 1: At first, download the Test DPC APK from the link https://APKiospc.com/test-dpc-APK-app-android-download/

Download Test DPC App From Web Browser

Select your Android version.

STEP 2: Secondly, don’t open the file after the installation. First go to settings, then security and finally enable installation from unknown sources. Don’t skip this step as it will allow you to install third-party apps on your android device without any problems.

Open the Test DPC App

Enable the Unknown Source.

STEP 3: Finally locate the folder in which you have downloaded the Test DPC APK and install it.

STEP 4: Lastly, just run the Test DPC APK and check your applications.

Run The Test DPC App

Run The Test DPC App

Method 2: From Google Play Store.

Every android device already installs Google Play Store in it. It is the official store of android where you can download almost every free and paid app.

Test DPC APK is also available on Play store, and by the time you would finish this article, you can get it very quickly on your handset.

STEP 1: Firstly, open google play store on your android device. Secondly, make sure that you sign in to your account and then type Test DPC APK on the search bar.

STEP 2: Then tap on the first search result that shows Test DPC.

STEP 3: After that, hit install and Test DPC APK will install on your handset.

Install Test DPC APP

Tap On The Install Button

STEP 5: Finally, open Test DPC APK for Android device and check all of your applications for errors.

Open the Test DPC App For Android

Open the Test DPC App For Android

Now you know the best methods to download Test DPC for Android devices. Go and make your Android device a developer arena.

Test DPC APK With Customized Operating Systems

There has been much stress among the users of the customized OS to check out Test DPC app. With the number of manufacturers increasing in the market, the variety of operating systems have also increased.

Every month a new vendor is providing a new device with their self-build OS and features. So we offer you the ways to counter such hurdles in customized OS and get Test DPC APK on your device.

Test DPC APK on Color OS Above Version 3.0

ColorOS is the operating system provided by Oppo in their smartphones. It has an elegant build with great utility widgets. It has gesture identification with fingerprint sensing technology.

With such great features packed in a single bundle, Oppo is continuously gaining popularity in the smartphone market. So, we provide you with the way by which you can get Test DPC APK on colorOS version 3.0 and above.

ColorOS being highly optimized still uses Android framework to work upon. It means that all the applications that can run on a standard Android can also work on colorOS.

Now what the colorOS users need to do is get Test DPC APK from the Google Play store Method explained above, which will be readily accessible by them. After you get the Test DPC app on your device, you can monitor the applications and access its features.

Test DPC APK Features

Test DPC or Test Device Policy Controller APK is a developer-oriented software that has advanced usage. Even the essential features of Test DPC app for Android devices have an upgraded technicality.

Those who are willing to run Test DPC APK and want to study the applications in a different perspective need to have some technical knowledge. Any freelancer cannot just install Test DPC APK and start monitoring the applications.

Before we begin with the methods to download Test DPC APK, we should know its features well.

  1. Better Performance

Test DPC APK comes with some bug issues in the initial versions. The latest updates have resolved all the problems and the app now gives better performance and smooth workflow. Even the android compatibility has been set to Android 5.0 and above so that monitoring of applications and advanced features within an application could access correctly.

  1. Customization

Test DPC is concentrated with developer level users, and it ensures that the app justifies its standards. Soon the app has been modified and made bug-free for the future developers to get a better experience.

It comes with different device management functions which eventually make it attractive for the users to work on the application.

  1. High-Level Codecs Included

Test DPC APK can understand and operate codes of high level efficiently. The most advanced languages are also embedded in the code library of Test DPC. It constructs in a way that can meet up to the expectations of the developers.

  1. On App Modification

Test DPC APK has a unique feature which enables the user to correct any fault within the app itself. If any fault or code error is found in an application, then the user can apply the necessary modifications in the app only. But an important point to keep in mind is that Test DPC APK is meant only for research and study purposes and not for recreational and productional purposes.

  1. No Cost DPC

Test DPC app for Android devices is available at zero cost. Not a single penny will spend on getting the fantastic app.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1: I am not able to download the Test DPC for Android devices. What should I do?

Answer 1: This may be occurring due to low internet speed or any technical issues in your system. Try the following link https://APKiospc.com/test-dpc-APK-app-android-download/ If this doesn’t help try installing the app from google play store.

Question 2: Test DPC application is crashing again and again. What can be the reasons?

Answer 2: This can be a result of incomplete installation or any error in the installation process. Try reinstalling the app.

Question 3: The Test DPC APK for Android is not installing. Suggest ways to do it.

Answer 3: To install any third-party app you need to enable the installation from unknown sources. Go to settings, then security and then enable installation from unknown sources. After this, try installing and hopefully you will do it right.

Question 4: The DPC results in the application monitoring is not correct. It shows different results on the same app. What can be the reasons?

Answer 4: Every application has its structural design and they maintain it differently. You can do monitoring in the Test DPC 4.0.6 for Android devices solely for developer purpose. There might be some bug in the APK version that you have installed. Try reinstalling the application.

Question 5: Test DPC APK for Android devices is not displaying any option other than exit. What can be the reasons?

Answer 5: This occurs when the version becomes absolute. You must have installed an absolute version of the application. Try to get the latest version and install again.

Question 6: I have a customized OS other than colorOS. Suggest some ways to get Test DPC on my device.

Answer 6: All the customized or manufacturer oriented operating systems can run the Test DPC if they work on Android framework. They need to get Test DPC from the Google Play Store and install it.

Question 7: I have ColorOS version 2.0. Can I install Test DPC on my device?

Answer 7: ColorOS is based on the Android framework. So, it can run Test DPC only on versions 3.0 and above.

Question 8: I have an older version of Test DPC APK on my device. Should I update it to the latest version or still use the current one?

Answer 8: At first, the initial versions of Test DPC for android devices had some minor bug issues. But the current version satisfies you, and you can continue using it.

Question 9: I am a beginner in the developer community and want to gain knowledge about android applications. I am facing problem in Test DPC where it is not taking an app into monitoring mode. What should I do?

Answer 9: Application not entering a monitor mode is a famous bug in the older versions of Test DPC APK. Try upgrading to latest versions and then try to monitor your application.

Question 10: Can Test DPC APK steal data from my device?

Answer 10: It does not steal data and is used only for research purposes.


Test DPC APK is only for development purpose and not for production usage. Apart from this, Test DPC app for Android devices allows accessibility modification, NFC sharing, certificate management, camera, data usage, app restrictions, location access, and many other impressive features.

Downloading and installing an app with such remarkable features would seem to be a hectic task, but it isn’t true. The two methods to download and install Test DPC APK for android devices described in this article are the best and easiest ways to download the app. Depending on your convenience you can choose any of the two methods.

Afterwards, you download, one can configure it in such a manner that it will work like a personal handset running with company-owned applications and data to devices that the enterprise entirely managed.